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Cecilia Upchurch

What a most informative post. I sure do wish I knew more about the stars....Hugs Cecilia

Tori Khosrovi

I'll see if I can find Orion if we ever get another cloudless sky! Thanks!

Brian Frum

I wish we lived away from so many lights that mess up the night sky.

marianne friers

Even as close to town as we are with all the light pollution these guys are close acquaintances early and late here on the farm. Thanks for the interesting backstory.

Linda Brown

I've been watching the sky and wondering. Now you have explained and I thank you

Tails Around the Ranch

With so much light pollution, it's getting harder and harder to find constellations. Great background story on the gods.

Foley Monster, Pocket, and River Song

Awesome! Thanks for educating us.

Paul Pietrangelo

I never knew that about all this. I just know I;m a Libra. This is amazing Jan. See ya.

Cruisin Paul

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