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Monika, Sam & Elsa

OES's are definitely the comedians of the canine world. I've owned a couple over the years and they kept me in stitches from dawn to dusk every day. For the record, the females seem to have the best sense of humor. 😆

Sandee (Comedy +)

I love this. I also had a clueless back the day, but not the sheepdog. I had to figure things out myself.

Have a fabulous day and week and thanks for the chuckle. ♥

Brian Frum

Well, it does sound like Clueless was living up to that name!


Clueless--what a hypocritical jerk. You are sure better off without him.

Linda Brown

This was just wonderful. Thank you for the smile and the chuckle!

Foley Monster, Pocket and River Song

Mommy has a "Clueless" of her own. None of us dogs would go to his house. We would go the other way. Thanks for the earworm.


What a great dog and it seems like Clueless is quite the schmuck. There is something hilarious about that much hypocrisy. Maybe one day you'll still hit the comedy club circuit, I bet he gave you a lot of material.


I think you could have had a hit country song about how he done you wrong but yer better off without him. A stand up routine with an OES sounds perfect though.

This was a great post.


I'll never hear that song without thinking about you and...you named your dog Schopenhauer??!!?


I love Billy Joel and that is one of my favorite songs. I always find it better to laugh and walk away than to punch someone for being clueless. LOL!

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