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Comedy Plus

Makes you scratch your head doesn't it. There are way too many Monday morning quarterbacks who know everything, but have never done anything.

Have a fabulous day, Jan. ♥


Shes right, there are people who have never done anything who want to change every thing.

Linda Brown

We’ll replace the Iron Man competition with the Tinfoil Man--- I had to laugh!

I'm with Comedy Plus the armchair quarterbacks are a huge problem with so many things.

Brian Frum

Those were too funny but with enough catnip I could probably win the hopscotch competition!


the Indianapolis 50 totally cracked me up. You have presented a sports world that some would love.


I do believe that you nailed it. lol Tinfoil man. ROF hilarious!

Foley Monster, Pocket and River Song

Good points


people are fecking weird

Monika, Sam & Elsa

🙄 So over snowflakes who want an award for just showing up. Ugh.


Don't give people ideas. First they come for the Iditarod, next they'll be coming for the Easter egg hunts.

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