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Honey would LOVE to be an airport therapy dog. She had her eye on being a Walmart Greeter but I think this would suit her better. :)

Comedy Plus

What a great idea and I agree about the floppy eared dogs being more approachable than the pointy eared dogs. Brilliant.

Have a fabulous day, Jan. ♥

Catscue Catmom

I've met one of these dogs, they are awesomely sweet!

Foley Monster, Pocket and River Song

There is no one I would like to see more when I get off a plane than a dog

Jodi Stone

There were an airport dog in the book I just reviewed. In this case, Murfy was a Newfoundland! Can you imagine?

Linda Brown

I am so happy there is so much understanding about the relationship between people and the comfort of dogs!

Monika, Sam & Elsa

We have CATS at DIA (Canine Airport Therapy Squad). So cool and so welcome in this day of stressful traveling.

The Hipster Kitties

Charlee: "Aww, this sounds like a very good idea for the airport! But we think they should use vizslas, too."
Chaplin: "Yes, nothing says 'non-threatening' like a little red dog with a tail wagging a hundred miles an hour!"

Marnia Williams

nice blog, The relationship between Dog and Human are awesomely sweet!

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