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Granny Annie

Hip hip hooray for Madison. I wondered why he looked so healthy until I read where a rescuer was bringing food. Beautiful story out of horrific time for so many.

Comedy Plus

Aw, what a lovely post. I linked Madison to Awww Mondays. So precious.

Have a fabulous day, my friend. ♥

All Things Collie

What a very, good dog!

Linda Brown

I'm so glad they returned home and found him! What a wonderful dog.

Melissa Clinton

This was our top story because it shows the unconditional love and loyalty that our dogs give us. ♥


Ms. Sullivan sounds like an awesome human being, I'm so glad she was able to give Madison food and water until he was reunited with his family.

Angel Foley Monster, Pocket and River Song

I saw that. What an incredible story. Seeing him should make up for losing their home. It would for me.

Monika & Sam

Incredible! I hope the Gaylord family is reunited with Madison and they can get settled in a new home soon.


A beautiful story rising out of the ashes of a terrible fire. Thank goodness for the rescue worker's help in keeping Madison fed & watered. I hope the Gaylords can get their lives back to some kind of normalcy now that they have the whole family together again.

The Hipster Kitties

Charlee: "Now that is a loyal dog."
Chaplin: "I think 'loyal' and 'dog' always go together, Charlee."

Jodi Stone

This story leaves me with questions. 1) Did she forget any of her kids in the 'confusion' and 2) How did the volunteer get in with articles of her clothing.

I feel so badly for these animals who aren't treasured and treated as a family member.

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