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Comedy Plus

If you have pups or cats I'd think this was a very bad idea. Good grief I can imagine the mess.

Have a fabulous day. ♥

Linda Brown

I think rather stupid. Can you just see the mess when the dogs and cats smelled the paper?

Angel Foley Monster, Pocket and River Song

The smell of sausages makes me think I am outside a ballgame.


Better for homes without pets. It wouldn't last long around my husband either... mmm sausage & bacon 😉

Monika & Sam

There are no words to say how dumb of an idea that is.

The Hipster Kitties

Charlee: "Our Dada says you could just cook actual sausages if you want that sausage smell."
Chaplin: "I'm with Dada on this one. Especially if I get a sausage afterwards."

Jodi Stone

Oh dear lord, I have to gate off the tree as it is, because someone thinks ornaments are chew toys and paper needs to be shredded.

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