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Comedy Plus

I don't like fleas. At all and don't want them on my babies either.

Have a fabulous weekend without fleas. ♥

M. K. Clinton

Fleas and mosquitos are on my list of "Why Do They Exist" list! LOL!

Angel Foley Monster, Pocket and River Song

Eve made 'em leave


During my college years I found out more about fleas than you would want to know. I am no friend.

Monika & Sam

Nasty little buggers, aren't they?

Linda Brown

HAHAHAHAH!!! I like what Angel Foley Monster said!!!

Dennis the Vizsla

hello jan its dennis the vizsla dog hay so it wuz all that guys fawlt huh??? wot a slakker!!! ok bye


HA!!! Love this post. :) And we agree, too: What's the point of fleas? Ugh. Every foster we've ever had has been swarmed. They're a nuisance!

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