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All Things Collie

That's insane! Poor pup, but his perfect family will find him!

Melissa Clinton

I hope those people are not allowed to adopt another dog. Grrrr...humans!

Angel Foley Monster, Pocket and River Song

I hope those people are given lots of bad dogs to challenge them

Comedy Plus

These people don't need to have any precious four legged family members. Good grief.

I hope he finds a fabulous forever home and soon.

Have a terrific day. ♥

Linda Brown

I am so with you! What idiots! I am actually glad he has a better chance with a better family! Makes me wonder what they really wanted to do with a dog...lead in dog for a fight ring?

Monika & Sam

What the dog? Every day people demonstrate how truly stupid our species is. I hope Binx finds the most pawsome family ever. Those knuckle-dragging cretins don't deserve a dog. Ugh.


That's appalling. Binx will be better off with a pack of hoomans that appreciate what a wonderful dog he is. Better it happened quickly and not after Binx had fallen for these nimrods.

Dennis the Vizsla

hello jan its dennis the vizsla dog hay hmm all i can say is ummmmmmm wot??? ok bye

Jodi Stone

I see this differently. Challenging dogs are a lot harder to place, and the fact these people are willing to take a challenging dog, and pass up a really good dog is commendable in my mind. A good dog can be easily placed, but how many times do we see dogs with challenges sit in shelters for long amounts of time? I think these people saved two dogs with this decision.

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