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Comedy Plus

I hope she dies of old age. That's what I hope. As for those that peddle dope? May they not live to old age.

Have a fabulous day and week. ♥


Talk about a super hero fighting evil! They need a couple hundred of her.


Oh, what a dog! Sombra reminds me of my Elke, not a super hero dog like Sombra, but just a super dog.

All Things Collie

That's just not fair! No dog should have a price on his or her head! Shame on them, she is just doing her job!

Angel Foley Monster, Pocket and River Song

I hope this brave, beautiful dog is kept safe.

Linda Brown

I'm right there with Comedy Plus! I hope she is protected heavily and dies of old age!!!

Granny Annie

Now I am going to lose sleep worrying about Sombra. Hope she will live to an good retirement age and enjoy being off the job someday.

M. K. Clinton

Bless her heart. My prayers are with her and her partner. We had a retired German Shepherd police K-9. They are phenomenal dogs.



Jodi Stone

I hope she gets every one of those bastards.

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