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All Things Collie

I know I put my dogs before my own needs.

Kiye Sic

I love dogs!

Angel Foley Monster, Pocket and River Song

What is wrong with the other five percent?

M. K. Clinton

I agree with everything except the snoring. Bentley snores SO LOUD! BOL!

Monika & Sam

Interesting survey results. Owning both a male and a female knucklehead, I can honestly say gender made no difference in their snoring...except Elsa probably snores far louder than Sam, surprisingly. There are times when I realize she has absolutely few feminine type traits about her.


I absolutely would vote my dogs as part of the family, but I would rate my children and husband higher on the list than Fido.

Jodi Stone

Someone wrote a book where the woman loved her dog more than her own husband. I might have related to that.

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