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Comedy Plus

I would love this. Taking the gory stuff out and just imply is far better than most of the stuff coming out of Hollywierd these days.

I linked this post to Awww Mondays.

Have a fabulous day and week, Jan. ♥

Linda Brown

Thankfully the dog does not die in the movie! I can't handle those type of movies.

Monika & Sam

So long as the dog doesn't die, I'm in.

All Things Collie

That's good, I usually fall apart when the dog dies in a film!

M. K. Clinton

I have a book about Stubby! I am so excited for this to come out.

Jodi Stone

I won't watch if the dog dies. LOL

Hubby was watching a movie and before I realized it, they had killed the dog. I think I called them Fuckers, and left the room.

Now I always ask, "Does the dog die?"

Stubby was a true hero, and I'm glad to see Hollywood sharing this great story with children.


Good boy, Stubby. A true American hero.

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