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Oh, my word! That is hilarious!

Foley Monster, Pocket and River Song

It sounds like he ended up in deep doggy doo


Lol. A world of $**t is right. Serves him right for drinking and driving. Poor rookies.

This might be a dumb question because I'm not familiar with kennels, but why would they keep a giant container of dog poop? Or is there a service that comes and empties it when filled?

Linda Brown

I had to LAUGH OUT LOUD!!!

Monika & Sam

Karma can be a cruel b*tch sometimes.

Granny Annie

New sign: "This home protected with dog poop"

Jodi Stone

You were right, that IS gross.

One year we went camping at racetrack. My ex had a friend who was a very large guy. After a hard night of drinking, Russ was nowhere to be found. My ex finally located him in the bathroom, where he had apparently missed, and had defecated all over himself. It was turning into a warm day, and this idiot did not bring a change of clothes with him, SO he had to sit in the stands with the sun baking on him. He had ridden to the track with my ex-father-in-law, who REFUSED to let him into the cab. My ex and I weren't taking him either, so he ended up riding in the back of the truck for the hour or so ride home. Of course, this was back when you COULD ride in the back of a truck.

good times...:-)

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