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Linda Brown

We've raised pigs for years and years and years, but after some time we stopped. They are sweet, funny and smart, just like dogs. But they gain wait rapidly, love to eat...and can be mean...having one in the house is not for me... As for those who have them...I know they are as much fun as the dogs we all know and love.


They are wicked smart. I had a friend that had one and it was a wonderful four legged family member.

Have a fabulous day. ♥

M. K. Clinton

I think pot-bellied pigs are cute but definitely not for me and my house.

Foley Monster, Pocket and River Song

I am glad he has a new home. Yorkies and pigs do not go together.

Jodi Stone

I think they're cute, but I wouldn't want to own one. I'm not surprised it thinks it's a dog. My daughter has a cat that stayed with us for a bit when she was in the Army, and I swear, he thought he was a dog.

Now...offer me the opportunity to own a miniature goat or donkey and you might get a different answer. :-)

Monika & Sam

There are worse things to aspire to being. 😇 Love the photo sharing the dog bed!

Granny Annie

No, no, no...I dislike pigs so much right now that I can't even eat ham or bacon anymore. Our neighbors keep pigs in a small space a let them waller in their filth. I know pigs prefer to be clean and they can't like the smell that keeps me inside my house any more than I do. I feel sorry for the pigs but I want them GONE!


I knew pigs were smart. Apparently they're smart enough to act like a dog to get a cushy house indoors.

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