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They do so much good. I love this story.

Have a fabulous day, my friend. ♥


I love this story, too. It bolsters my husband's thesis that we NEED a dog. He wants to hit the local Humane Society for a dog because we've had such bad luck with breeders in the past. All of our rescue cats have been wonderful pets.

Melissa K. Clinton

Dogs make life much more bearable. I am spending a lot of time hugging my boys this week.

Foley Monster, Pocket and River Song

There is no more noble work for a dog

The Daily Pip

Love the comfort dogs! I feel better just seeing pictures of them. I am sure in person (or in the fur) they are even more comforting.

Monika & Sam

When we visited the hospital this week someone mentioned how grateful they were for our visit. People are so upset over this last mass shooting and comfort/therapy dogs are helping make a difference.

Jodi Stone

I wonder if the sadness and anger ever affect the dogs. They are so in tune to people's emotions. I hate that there is need of dogs like this.

Linda Brown

I am so thankful people have finally understood and have accepted the tremendous gift dogs are to us!

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