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What a good baby. So needed. What a horrific case that was.

Have a fabulous day, Jan. ♥


Good dog! Our oldest daughter's rottweiler is a 'reading' dog...it's always wonderful to see the help these kind loving dogs give to people under stress!


Dogs never cease to amaze us humans.

Foley Monster, Pocket and River Song

I am so happy that Preston is there to comfort the victims. This story makes me sick. In two weeks we are supposed to root for the United States in the Olympics. I will root for the American athletes but when I think of the US Olympic Committee I think of when the Catholic Church let all those children be raped. These girls were our heroes and the USOC enable the body that allowed the rapes. It is a horrible mark on this country.

Granny Annie

I am so happy someone thought to bring Preston. You know that was very comforting to many. Nothing like patting a dog to calm your nerves.

Monika & Sam

As the mom of a fur-therapist, I initially got into this work to help abused kids because of Sam's connections with people, especially young girls. It makes such a difference helping victims process what happened to them and begin to heal. Good boy, Preston. Thank you for sharing this uplifting story in the midst of an enormously disgusting news story. There isn't enough hell for Nassar to experience in my mind.


I've a new website: Comedy Plus

Have a great day. ♥


good boy...

Jodi Stone

Well you know how I roll...I'd just take him outside the courthouse and have a firing squad set up. But that is really tame to what is about to happen to him in prison. Visions of Jeffery Dahlmer's end float through my mind!

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