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I had a red nose pitty bull dog..'ugly'...he was anything but ugly..great dog..this is such great news for pitty bull dogs..Friday I deliver meals on wheels and one of the people on my route has a blue and white pitty named Sadie..I've known her since she was a puppy...she's 65 pounds of love..Friday when I delivered she was so excited to see me that she tackled me in the yard(she's only 6 months old)and licked me to death..one of the other drivers didn't want him and Sadie on her route and refused to go there..stupid woman..she admitted she'd never seen a pit bull before and only knew what she had read in the paper or seen on the news..pisses me off.


If you treat a dog right and love them they will be good. If you want them for evil purposes and train them to be mean and evil they will be. They just want to please.

Have a fabulous day. ♥


YAY for this and other amazing dogs!

Foley Monster, Pocket and River Song

I am sure he is going to have a very successful career

Monika & Sam

I LOVE Pits and am so glad to see some 'pawsitive' press. The elimination of BSL can't come quick enough for me.


I don't care what the breed is, but if you raise them to be mean, they will be. Pits can be just as sweet and loving as any other dog that's been raised properly.

Jodi Stone

Some towns have tried to ban in CT, but we have an organization that works for animals, and they shot it down. In CT they still emphasize "Pit Bull" whenever one of them is involved in an attack. We had one yesterday, 2 dogs, 1 a Pit Bull attacked a dog and the dog died. That was what the news lead was...2 dogs, 1 a Pit Bull. No idea what either of the other 2 dogs were. Could have been Yorkies for all we know, but no mention of that, only the Pit Bull.

Hence the apprehension by the public.

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