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Well, I'm not going to bash her for wanting to get her puppy home, but that wouldn't be all that comfortable for the puppy.

Have a fabulous day, Jan. ♥


I would have done it too, pretty sure I would get caught tho,


More than likely I would have tried to take my dog home too.

Foley Monster, Pocket and River Song

I would have done the same thing, and when the dog was found I would have insisted that it was my baby and I had just given birth

Granny Annie

Lots wrong here. First, a month old puppy is too young to take away from its mother. Second, that looks like a suffocating way to conceal a pet. Third, she may have been smuggling puppies to sell them.

Monika & Sam

A month old puppy??? Good grief.


I'm of two minds about this case. I can empathize with this woman wanting to keep her puppy, but there are rules that she broke that can't be glossed over. She has to be prosecuted for breaking the law.

Melissa K. Clinton

I also feel sorry for the woman but the puppy must have been miserable in the belly bump. You can't break airline rules these days.

Jodi Stone

I think I could have fun with this one.

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