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I'd go for the dog too. I think it's because they need us so much. Interesting.

Have a fabulous day. ☺


I find it disturbing as well. Children and animals are both innocent and not responsible for bad choices. Adults should know better, yes, but still deserving of our compassion.


I want the grant money spent on the next "No $hit, Sherlock" study such as the above sent to my personal checking account.

Foley Monster, Pocket and River Song

As much as I love dogs I would have to save a child. I might have to think twice about an adult.

Monika & Sam

These findings don't seem that unusual. As a species we do tend to be champions for the most vulnerable. And I wonder if perhaps has some roots in the pecking order of caring relates based on Darwin's of survival of the fittest?


It is disturbing...but...I might go for the dog first if it's between the dog and some random dude --- a child would be my first choice.

Jackie Bouchard

It is disturbing when you really think about it. But I must admit... if I saw those 2 ads for fundraising, I’d be more likely to give to the dog charity, because I guess I would have assumed most other people are more likely to take care of the little kid-related charities. But I wonder... does the average dog charity raise more money than the average children’s charity?

Melissa K. Clinton

I always am more prone to feel for the dogs but think it is because I believe their stories more than I believe the humans. Weird, huh?


I'd probably try to save both..

Jodi Stone

I think the reason more people would donate to animals is the exploitation factor. Animals are abused and discarded all the time. While I'm not saying some children aren't, I think people feel like children are more likely to have system of support, with organizations that help with terminal illnesses.

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