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tons..I just say shit ton...that should clarify it..haha


How about teachable moment. I've had my fill of that too.

Have a fabulous day, Jan. ♥


I hate when people say "impacting" when they mean "affecting." And I once worked for a religious denomination the talked about "visioning."

But what do I know? I use dinghy as a verb. :)


I hate 'teachable moment' for sure when it's used against ME!


above my pay grade

Melissa K. Clinton

I vote to abolish "at the end of the day" too.

Jackie Bouchard

One that makes me crazy is when folks say they’re going to give 110%. (Maybe because it was the logo at a horrible job I had long ago...) Why not 120%? Or 150%? And anyway, technically you can only give 100% of what you have to give. Oy.

Also... I’m really tired of folks using the “got milk” thing to do their own not-at-all-creative marketing. I’ve seen so many. “Got sand” is one stupid example I saw recently. Again... oy.

Foley Monster, Pocket and River Song

That is an excellent list. I vote for "it is what it is."

Monika & Sam

A noteworthy list of tired and lame phrases. These days hearing 'you know' in speech is like a fingernail down a chalkboard. I always respond by saying, no I don't know, I'm waiting for you to tell me. Grrrr


And how often have you heard someone start off with "I mean you know."


Starting sentences with just, like or you know. Also literally. Don’t get me started on air quotes!g


And starting sentences with "so"  -- where did that come from? ( I do use air quotes if I don't like someone.)

Jodi Stone

My HR department uses, "Circling back". Thanks for circling back, and I don't care for it.

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