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I get these calls to, scamming Americans seems to be the main job in the middle east


We got a call this morning from the U.S. Government telling us that they are filing a a charges against us for tax evasion. That's funny, I've been paying my quarterlies right on time. Bless their hearts.

Have a fabulous day. ☺


I haven't heard from those Celtic-named Middle Easterners yet, but I have received the IRS call from an equally English-challenged foreigner of unknown origin. They were going to put a lien on something if I didn't pay them. My husband likes to play with them like you played with the Ethiopian puppy sellers, but I just hang up.

Melissa K. Clinton

We get those type phone calls and my husband has a blast messing with the "real" people. They usually hang up on him! LOL!

Foley Monster, Pocket and River Song

We have someone calling us from Apple saying our cloud password has been used by someone us. Silly. We don't own a cloud.

granny annie

I pay too much for my landline so I can only get spam calls. I never answer it.

Monika & Sam

Grrr...those kinds of calls really cheese me off. But sadly they are successful preying on the less sophisticated or those without much experience with technology. They also come in all flavors, not just Middle Eastern and don't limit their calls to LAN lines. Double grrrr.


Having a cell phone doesn't prevent these calls either. Unfortunately. Makes them worse IMO, but then you can see how often those scammers spoof the phone number their calling from. I used to only answer local calls unless I was expecting a call. These days? I just don't answer my phone at all. 90% of the "local" calls I get are scammers using spoofed phone numbers.....


They do it on cellphone also. I am so sick of these people!AND the local calls now that are spammers...the 'need to get rich off you' is SICK!


I just tell them to go fuck themselves.

Jodi Stone

I think I might have told Dave about the issues with my vagina. But that's just me. :-)

Also, they will somehow graduate to your cell phone.

My cable company offers a program through Nomorobo where you can block anonymous calls. I'm driving that bus.

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