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granny annie

Beautiful story. But, after all the children's hard work, look who is holding the pup...Mom. LOL

Comedy Plus

You get the dog you deserve is something someone told me long ago and it's true. You have to put the time and love into making your four legged family member fit into the family well.

Have a fabulous day. ☺

Monika & Sam

Children and puppies can be a magical experience, given there is proper and responsible supervision from parents setting positive examples. Well done to Lyla's 'fur-ever' family.


That family went at Lyla's adoption the right way and I wish them all the best. Puppyhood is a wonderful time and if done correctly leads to a wonderful dog.


I'll bet over time Mom will get to do MOST of the work...but still....I'm very glad for the family and for Lyla!


Smart parents should know that their children lack the experience to be totally responsible and will need adult guidance. 

Foley Monster, Pocket and River Song

That is what we want to see. It is important for parents to teach children how to care for dogs. It makes them good people.


Our girls grew up with German Shepherds and loved them to pieces, but the brunt of the training and clean up fell on me. It was a labor of love and one which I willingly accepted, but I never for one a minute believed they could do what it took to raise a good dog. It's hard work, but worth it.


love this

Jodi Stone

As much as it hurts me, when I see young families that tell me they want a puppy, I do try and discourage it. I wish all parents and children understood the commitment to getting a puppy/dog. I think Lyla will do fine!

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