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Dennis the Vizsla

hello jan its dennis the vizsla dog oh hay wow look at that spicoli is performing a publik serviss annownsmint!!! he did not tel me he wuz involvd in sutch things!!! i stil am not shoor why he eets all those doritos tho!!! ennyway i shoor hope that this noo treetmint can help owt dogs wot need it just reemember dogs do not fly on yore majik flying koasters or operayt yore doghowses of justiss until yoo hav finishd yore medikayshun!!! ok bye


I say yes if under the care of a vet. If they can live a better life then why not. Go for it.

Have a fabulous day. ♥


When we were living in Ithaca, a golden retriever near us nearly died after finding and scarfing down a bag of pot someone left behind on a trail. So yes, check with your vet.

What I suspect is most likely is that people start adding THC oil to treats and food before there is any research stating if it is even effective.

I feel like it will be "Red Wine and Chocolate are Good For You" all over again. :)

Foley Monster, Pocket and River Song

Interesting. Mommy has a medical marijuana card for her back and neck problems. Marijuana was made legal here via vote in 2016 but the legislature keeps pushing back the day it will be sold


If it helps with cancer and other nasty things...why not. Dogs and cats feel pain also.


I think this is an idea that should have been done long ago.

Melissa K. Clinton

I have had very positive results with CBDs for Bentley & Pierre. I am even an affiliate for Treatibles.

Jodi Stone

I've been using Treatibles for Sampson and I can definitely see the difference. I've also started taking it for myself, and I'm feeling better. As with anything, one must be cautious and aware of any negative changes.


awesome idea! i have seen many animals, of all sizes, benefit from cannabidiol! awesome article, thank you for bringing attention to this important health development. life saving for our furry friends!

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