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A cautionary tale about the perils of using the English as a second language excuse when you've lived in this country your whole life.


Bwahahahahahahahaha. Love this and I linked this post to Silly Sunday.

Have a fabulous day, Jan. ♥


Sometimes I just have to shake my head.....

Mike Golch

Love it!

Foley Monster, Pocket and River Song

Foley was a well renown lawyer dog. Maybe he meant her. Sadly, somewhere in the appeals process, his verdict will be overturned, and he will be back out on the street.



Jodi Stone

First, how can an attorney argue for it to be thrown out, in a child rape case. What kind of douche-canoe attorney is that?

Secondly, WTF is a lawyer dog? Was he calling one of the interrogators dawg? Clearly, I don't understand this variation of language.

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