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Jackie Bouchard

Thank you so much for your time and reviewing the book! Hope it brought some smiles/laughs!


It did. I love dog books as long as they don't...you know...die

Jackie Bouchard

I promise no dog will ever die at the end of one of my books! :) (I don't like those kind of books either!)

granny annie

Cannot wait to learn more about your books.

Foley Monster, Pocket and River Song

Thank you for letting us know about this marvelous book.

Monika & Sam

While I haven't finished this book (yet), it's a delightful and charming book guaranteed to make a person smile. "Little" Vincent is a hoot.


Reading all the comments I know I will order the book and read it. I can't handle those where the dog dies!!!! Thank you for making it so that doesn't happen.

Melissa K. Clinton

I'm anxious to read this newest one!!

Jodi Stone

You did a great job with this review! I loved this book, I mean, who doesn't want a fairy godfather, even he speaks with a Jersey accent and wears a track suit? LOL

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