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On one hand that is hilarious. And on the other hand it doesn't speak too well for the folks who are gullible enough to fall for it. Thanks for sharing the converstion again!


Yep, this happens all the time and I don't ever fall for this. It's a shame.

Have a fabulous day. ☺


I'm not surprised at how stupid people are, do you ever read Facebook?

Granny Annie

That is unbelievable. That is why I never open unknown emails or answer unknown phone numbers. However you have made this incident pretty entertaining


Ha! I bet you had a good time pulling this con man's chain.

Foley Monster, Pocket and River Song

Thank you for letting us know and good job keeping them busy for a while. You prevented them from ripping off someone else

Melissa K. Clinton

But they are at the very least BILINGUAL puppies! They will bark and understand MOST of the African languages. You should send extra money just for that. ROFLMAO!

Monika & Sam

A few months ago someone trolled my blog and did a similar thing with photos of a beautiful standard poodle puppy. The writer (and dog) were supposedly in the LA area but the owner was from the Philippines as I recall. I did a similar Q&A batch of emails until he/she realized I wasn't born yesterday. It was almost entertaining but after thinking about it it made me sad someone could be so depraved as to prey on the emotions of pet lovers to scam a few bucks. I can only hope at a minimum those folks end up having 3 flat tires on a busy highway at the same time. During rush hour. 👿


I had to laugh and then sigh...it's all so sad really this huge need to bilk people of there money. I know a man who did this for a Russian bride...$5,000 later the bride in question could never get on the plane to get to america...shish.

Jackie Bouchard

Love the “bulldog” puppy picture he sent you. Not exactly on top of his game there!

Sad that people will fall for this kind of thing. (I read once that they intentionally have their scam emails full of typos and mistakes, because anyone who doesn’t think “scammer” when they spot all those mistakes is more likely to follow all the way through w/ the scam until payment is sent. I guess if you’re dumb enough to not mind all the mistakes....)


I've had a few of those conversations.

Like the guy who was selling a "year old Tibetan Mastiff rescued from the meat market in China!!", who was using stolen pictures of a well known Chinese stud dog (pictures taken when the dog was past the age of 10yrs and blatantly going grey).

Or the lady who advertised Tibetan Mastiff pups, using stolen Boerboel puppy pictures. And when I emailed asking about pictures of the TMs, continued to send me random stolen puppy pictures that were pretty blatantly not TMS, all the while trying to set me up to pay her lots of money.

BTW, its very easy to do a quick search and see how likely a picture is to be stolen or not. Google allows you to do an "image search".

If you're using Chrome as your browser its as simple as right click on the picture and choosing "search Google for this image" (you may need to first left click on the image to enlarge it).

If you don't use Chrome, instead right click on the image, choose "copy image address", then go to google's image search (https://images.google.com/) click on the camera icon in the search bar, and paste in the image address you just copied. Google also allows you to upload a photo from your desktop and do a search based on it.

While failing to find copies of the photo in google doesn't mean the photos aren't stolen, I've IDed many a scammer by using that search function!

Jodi Stone


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