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The scammers will be working on how to defeat them. Probably already know how. It's frightening, but it's progress.

Have a fabulous day. ☺


Right now, I'm wearing a lanyard with three different card keys that let me in three different buildings. I wouldn't mind carrying a fourth key card for buying things out of a vending machine. But I'm not ready to trust an implanted chip, for all the reasons you mentioned.


As a child whose church told us that bar codes were the mark of the devil and that every pagan would have one stamped on their forehead by the year 2000 (yes, really), I try not to get hysterical about new technology.

But as someone who lives on a boat, I find it useful to keep things simple. The more tech we rely on, the more that can let us down.

I don't even want to think about being unable to open a restroom in my office because my microchip decided not to work. :)


Only a complete would trust a company or government to put a chip inside them. You know the GPS will quickly be activated

Foley Monster, Pocket and River Song

I think it would give a lot of parents with new borns peace of mind


I think this is terribly scary! Like you said...Brave New World...


it sounds scary to me, but I fear it will be routine in the near future.

Monika & Sam

Some days a microchip might be a useful tool at work then there are those days when I'd just as soon blow up my various pieces of technology because of heaven only knows what got into them. Goerge Orwell was way ahead of his time, wasn't he? Kind of scary when you think about it. *Sigh*

Jodi Stone

I'm in the "Not even in my cold dead body" group. No way, no how. I do have a small key fob for getting into and out of my building, that's about as far as I'm willing to go. :-) But then...didn't the Handmaiden's Tale win big last night....scary times in my opinion.


I always thought kids should be chipped like pets..but with a gps..so you can always know where they are in case of kidnapping.

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