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Both of these tick stories have me scared. Yikes. Double yikes.

Have a fabulous day. ☺


seriously ticked off -- I love it


I HATE ticks. HATE them. They used to be unheard of here, now they are ubiquitous. Oddly enough local governments used to spray willy-nilly for pretty much everything around here and now they don't. Not that I advocated splashing pesticide everywhere or anything, but I sure miss being able to go outdoors without bathing in DEET. End of rant.



granny annie

Immediately flush any ticks down the toilet. Even if you think it is dead, it probably is not. Flush it!!

Jodi Stone

You can NEVER lay a tick, 'dead' or alive, on a table. They should immediately go for a swim in rubbing alcohol. Immediately. The funny thing is, at first they still move around, but that only lasts a few minutes.

I always have a small container with Rubbing Alcohol in it, especially where we live.


Both your stories gave me the creeps...I am soooooooo not a fan of ticks! We have them here and they are NASTY! With ticks in our area we get Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Lyme Disease, Tularemia, Tick paralysis, Relapsing fever, and Colorado Tick Fever. We also have about five different types of ticks. They say some of those tick born diseases are rare, but we had an out-break this year on Grand Mesa of Tularemia. Scary stuff...ticks!

Foley Monster, Pocket and River Song

The ticks will be here when we are long gone. Sorry for the nightmares


Shudder!! I'm generally not squeamish about too many bugs, but I hate, hate, hate ticks. Blech. I'm always so happy to see an opossum wandering my yard at night!

Monika & Sam

Ticks give me the heebie-jeebies. Tweezed or otherwise.


I haven't seen a tick in years, but when I was living with my parents, we did get them on occasion. We would splash them with rubbing alcohol and set a match on them. They are very hardy and not to be trusted to stay dead without drastic measures. Blech.

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