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NO 50 inch TV? How are the dogs supposed to pass their leisure hours?Poor deprived pooches. Is there at least a library?


I see nothing wrong with taking care of your four legged family members. Why not.

Have a fabulous day. ☺


I LOVE THAT POOL! For drinking or splashing around it, it's perfect!

Foley Monster, Pocket and River Song

That is a better house than my parents' house.

Jackie Bouchard

This is completely amazing! The swings! The pool! The pirate wheel! So awesome. Lucky dogs.

Monika & Sam

Pfft, no Netflix...well I'm outa here then. 😆Seriously, that's some dynamite digs. 3 very lucky pooches.

Melissa K. Clinton

PUH-LEEZE! Do NOT show this to Bentley and Pierre!


Yes, but do the dogs actually use it? My dogs never ever used the dog house my husband built for them.

In any event, if they don't use it, I'll gladly move in. I'll even bring my own TV ;)

Dennis the Vizsla

hello jan its dennis the vizsla dog hay wot??? no netflix??? how ar the dogs suppozed to watch there stories??? #epicfail!!! ok bye



Jodi Stone

JEEZ...and I thought my dogs were spoiled.

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