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Sad about the Shepherds. The same happened to Cockers and Irish Setters, alas. Did not make working dog people happy when the AKC recognized Border Collies. The resemblance between the working dog and the floofy phonies of the show ring is barely noticeable just a few years later. None of the working BC registries recognize AKC registrations.


Thankfully the AKC continues to become less relevant all the time.


I'd like to kick their asses...

Jodi Stone

WHY is the right question. Whose idea was it to breed them like this?


I'm so glad you posted this...I have been appalled a very long time at what breeders and the AKC registries call beautiful! These poor dogs are stunned and ruined! I would like to kick everyone of their butts...the humans...not the dogs!

Foley Monster, Pocket and River Song

We need to prefer the Shepherd

Melissa K. Clinton

We have had four German Shepherds and it breaks my heart to see what they are doing to this magnificent breed.

Monika & Sam

This is just horrible and all wrong. Sadly, the noble GSD isn't the other breed that's been genetically modified. Pugs, Bulldogs, Boxers, and St. Bernards to name a few have also been hideously modified. *Sigh*


Why? Exactly. Our GS, Elke, has suffered from hip dysplasia for a few years and is now at the point of being put down because of it. We know we have to put her down, but she's so alert and so beautiful, that it breaks our heart to think about it, so we go another day. It's a hell of a way for her to live.

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