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Wow, now that's just sad. I can see why you won't mention her name anymore. I won't either. Just in case.

Have a fabulous day. ☺

Jodi Stone

Well, I don't blame you for not mentioning her. She is talentless. I don't understand how someone can become famous for not doing a damn thing except exposing themselves (literally and figuratively) to the media.


Jodi, I don't either but there is a whole large family in LA making a lot of money doing that now.

Granny Annie

The thing that worried me most was one of my granddaughters idolized this crazy woman. Thankfully that has ended.


I'm sorry you got those nasty emails...when I write about coyotes I get them...some of the emails stun me. I'm at a loss how people can be so incredibly cruel.

Melissa K. Clinton

Wow! People can get upset over the lamest things. I am not impressed with any of those social media no-talent stars. I won't mention any names...

Foley Monster, Pocket and River Song

Kudos to you. A lot of people would have kept writing blogs about her just to get the hits.


When you first mentioned one who should not be named, I thought Voldemart. Darn it! I just named him. I agree with you
and feel the same way about the K clan that should not be named either. Ugh. A pox on all their houses.

Monika & Sam

Our anonymous online society feels quite emboldened to be jerks (and worse) and that goes for the celebs who hawk themselves to these pitiful fools. The current White House resident doesn't set much of an example on temperance either and seems to promote a gladiator mentality when interacting with everyone. Egad...people would never say their online comments to someone face to face. Or would they? *Sigh* Talk about devolution.


Ugh, talk about unintended consequences. I didn't get the huge growth in hits, but writing a post called "Where is the dog when you have sex" has gotten me lots of people arriving (briefly) after searching on less wholesome ideas about sex and dogs.

As for the vitriol over some stranger, I can't relate. I don't start getting heated about under qualified people who are rich and famous until they start running for high office. ;)

BTW, I thought your satire piece was deft and funny. You have a great touch.


BTW I always get huge hits when I write about Sydney Brooke Simpson. Go figure.

Dennis the Vizsla

hello jan its dennis the vizsla dog oh hay i reemember that persun hoo shal not be naymd!!! i wil never forgit the time that me and trixie and tucker all aksidently got lokd inside of her handbag with that krazy chihuahua of hers!!! i dont reemember eksaktly wot happend after that but sumbuddy sayvd us probly trixie!!! ha ha ok bye


you mean ole motel 6?

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