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Boy, did that ever make me mad. Wrote about it in the Farm Side back when it happened. That poor child and that poor little dog. Those people are nothing short of monsters. Mentally ill even.


I'll bet there is some under the table money exchanges from Peta that we will never know about. They dont want to go to court

Melissa K. Clinton

It was so depressing to discover the truth about PETA. They should be ashamed and exposed!

Foley Monster, Pocket and River Song

There is not enough money to make up for that.


'Removal'? The correct word is 'theft'.

Granny Annie

What? What? What? I am shocked by this. I knew PETA people were crazy but thought they tried to save animals not kill them. Yikes!!!

Comedy Plus

I'm not a fan of PETA. I know their kill rate is very high. They talk out of both sides of their mouths.

Have a fabulous day. ☺

Jackie Bouchard

Ugh, that is maddening. That poor family. What a nightmare.


I can imagine going to court would be a traumatic event, but someone has to force PETA to admit their practices under oath so that their killing fields become common knowledge.


Maya’s owner has acknowledged that her death was a tragic mistake, and his family has expressed gratitude to PETA for its services to the community. Last year alone, PETA spent over $2 million on free and low-cost care for local families and their animals, including emergency veterinary care; flea, tick, and flystrike preventive medications; and free spaying and neutering to prevent animal homelessness, as well as replacing inadequate shelter, like metal drums, with doghouses and straw bedding in winter and answering emergency calls for assistance, such as free euthanasia services and end-of-life care for those with no funds to pay for it. PETA will be making a donation to the Virginia Beach SPCA in Maya’s honor. For more information about PETA's lifesaving shelter and fieldwork, please visit https://investigations.peta.org/petas-rescue-team/.


Yea, luring a healthy dog off its property (under video surveillance) to kill it immediately was a big mistake, we can all agree on that point.

Nice try on the pathetic PR attempt though, Lucy, but the years-long paper trails on PETA's animal death cult behavior is too deep at this point to keep playing the 'Mother Theresa for Animals' shtick.


I think those who work for PETA and do these hideous acts are sick...mentally. GRRRR

Jodi Stone

Personally, I'm disappointed that the Zarates took the settlement. I had hopes that PETA would be exposed to the millions of people who support them.



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