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I have no answer....how horrible. Such a cute little pup.


I can't imagine, but let's hope that Karma is in play here. Not for the precious pup, but for the person that did this.

Have a fabulous day. ☺

Jodi Stone

WTF? I hope they find the person who did it, and put them in the boo box.

M. K.

The only explanation is that there are some sick S.O.B.s in this world. I can only hope that karma catches up with them sooner rather than later.


There are seriously disturbed people in the world. Either this person is a real mental case or a purely evil.


WHY! WHY! What a horrible sick thing to do! I hope they find the person and lock them in a cell!


oh would I love to find that person that did that.

Jackie Bouchard

WtF IS wrong with people?! He looks like an adorable, sweet pup. Horrible.

Speaking of idiots... at the shelter where I volunteer, this Monday (before I got there) someone abandoned their dog, leaving it tied to the sign that says in all the official wording about how "It's illegal to abandon a dog here".

Granny Annie

Sick at my stomach. Such a terrible story but so thankful for the ending rescue.

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