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Iran was the jewel of the Middle East, but it became a hell hole. I pity the people under the Mullah's control.

Comedy Plus

It appears education is key here. That's what I got from this post. Resistance for this cause is good.

Have a fabulous day. ☺

Foley Monster, Pocket and River Song

Bless him and his good fight

Granny Annie

I had no idea about this. He is a brave Veterinarian to expose his fight politically.

M. K.

That is incredible! I had no idea that people could not have dogs in Iran. What a cruel way of life. I wish the good doctor well and hope he wins.


I worked once for a family from pakistan..when the owner found out I had a dog he made me wash my hands arms and face and neck before I could go to work..I told him to fuck off..I was clean enough for health dept if that wasn't enough fire me..he didn't..


Geez, I didn't know this!

Jodi Stone

Honest to Pete! I want everyone to come into this century, even if we have to lash them into it.


A number of reform candidates won their elections. Do you know if Dr Mohebi did?

BTW, the Koran itself is ambivalent about dogs but not about avoiding cruelty to any living creature. There's a much loved story about a faithful dog who guarded a cave for 300 years while the faithful slept within.

Of course Islam is not alone in having followers ignoring their holy scriptures, eh?

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