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EAGHL/Granny Annie

...until he doesn't. I don't like this story very much.

retro rover

I wouldnt do it but it seems that Dew is happy

Comedy Plus

Awww, what a great story. I linked Dew to Awww Mondays.

Have a terrific day. ☺


Scary to have him wander like that. It must be a small town and everyone watches out for him.


Babe my 'runner' great dane would jump the fence and roam West..going to Nemecek's Meat Market where the workers would give him sausage, bones, cheese and crackers ..then the police would drive him home.

Foley, Pocket and River Song

Wishing Dew a lot of happy travels

M. K.

I'm glad that it works out for Dew. I would be a nervous wreck with my dogs running around loose. ♥ Happy trails, Boy!


It must be a small town. Elke, our German Shepherd, on occasion goes to vist her friend Panther a few houses. Dogs can be very sneaky. When Elke goes to Panther's house, his owner tells her to come home and we do the same when Panther shows up at our house. Recently, I was calling for Elke and an unkown man in a pick up drove by my house and told me she was down the street. Most of the time she's good, but she has her wandering days. I'm grateful for the watchful eyes of my neighbors.

Jackie Bouchard

I'd be too worried to let my dog do that, but then I live in a BUSY big city. (Some neighbors have a husky that is constantly getting out - guess he likes to roam too, but dang - people drive way too fast here!)

(Catching up on posts - that "selfie pup" is too cute!)


Did you ever read the book Merle's Door? It's about a man in the west who allows his dog to free roam. Can't say I'm 100% on board but it's intriguing to think about.

And, in truth, a life with no risk is not much of a life.


I don't think I can let my dogs do that, its more dangerous in the street we really don't know what could be possibly happen to them.

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