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I fecking hate peta..this is a great story.

Comedy Plus

What a lovely story. I'm so glad Jardo is going to be okay.

Peta needs to be shut down. I've known this for a very long time. Bunch of murderers. Just saying.

Have a fabulous day and weekend. ☺

Foley Monster, Pocket and River Songfol

That is a great story about Jardo. He is a real hero. We need more Jardos in the world. We hate PETA. They take money and put down dogs.


I so believe in giving blood. How wonderful for this dog. I DETEST PETA!!! They need to be treated like they treat animals!


M. K.

Having a blood supply readily available is a must for dogs that need surgeries or amputations. My brother-in-law's dog have several transfusions during an amputation for cancer. It saved his life. Those PETA stats are alarming.


In the same way globalist foundations (i.e. especially the Clinton one) don't help humans, PETA doesn't help animals.


one of my pups received blood from 2 different dogs - one was a vet clinic 'resident'. the other was brought in by a vet tech to get her dog to donate to my pup. i was so grateful...


PETA can just suck it. I would like to draw all the blood from PETA so they die a horrible death. They are total morons.

I'm curious about the dog's blood. Do they have types like people do? It would seem from the this post like the answer would be no.

Seth B

This is such a beautiful story. Thank you Jardo for your service and what you do to keep us all safe. It always distresses me to hear of a service dog or police dog that has been wounded in the line of duty.

What that vet is doing near you is so important! And something I had never even thought of, dogs donating blood. It is such a great thing for the dogs he breeds, giving them such an important dog in this life. I believe a working shepherd is a happy shepherd, and generating life saving blood is definitely a very important job.

Also PETA is disgraceful, it is maddening that this vet has to do his business in secret for fear of this hate-group.

Leigh Collins

I have to say I am a little shocked at the statistics for Peta! I actually never realized it was that bad :( Very sad to know this actually.


I've been a long time reader of your blog and only found out about PETA's horrid practices from you, Jan. Here we are, years later, and PETA's dirty work continues under the guise of caring for animals. Their stats need to be disseminated to the public because once most people knew about it, they would vehemently object and not donate money.

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