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Comedy Plus

I can see it has more uses than one. I'm not sure I would do this unless the cone was needed. Just saying.

Have a fabulous day. ☺

Retro rover

No no no it looks uncomfortable and I dress my dogs up but for fun not to stop Shedding

EAGHL/Granny Annie

He fails to mention that you first have to have a well trained calm dog that will stand still for the dress up party. Frankie would have the leotard ripped to shreds before I could even get it over her head.


oh, no.... let a dog be a dog - or don't have one if you can't handle hair.


I can handle the hair! STill it was a fun post.


Foley Monster, Pocket and River Songfol

They look so cute. Stops fleas and ticks too


My first thought was how in the world are dog pajamas going to prevent stealing from of my sheds? Duh! Then I read the story. I guess it would depend on your dog. My German shepherd would not sit still for that, but my old Doberman probably would've liked it. She cried when she saw us coming with her favorite dog jacket and fussed when we tried to take it off. Maybe it was warmth or a feeling of security, but she would wear that thing all day. I miss her.


you notice they don't have that for cats..haha

M. K.

I would not put Bentley in tights anymore than I would put myself in a pair. LOL!


No. Just no.

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