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I'd love to have one..one of the drawbacks to living in these fecking apts...weight limit on dogs...Dexter almost is at that weight now.


Love how you explained dog dropouts.

Granny Annie

Why in the world would a 10 year old dog finally become a drop out? Wouldn't they have known before the dog reached that age that it couldn't make the cut? I am guessing a lot of folks will jump each hurdle to own one of those dogs.

Retro Rover

They sound like theyd be a great match for the right person, not for me as I am definitely a couch potato

Comedy Plus

Awww, so precious. I linked you to Awww Mondays.

Have a fabulous day Jan. ☺


A very much needed post! I used to work in the pet supply field...I did not sell animals, only the supplies, and I always urged my customers to adopt, not shop. Many of them got their dogs and cats from the local SPCA, which is great. You have such a lovely blog, Jan, and I really enjoyed this post. They are precious. Thank you so much for your visit and kind comment on my blog today, I am very happy that you followed my blog link from Sandee's post. Sandee is a very sweet lady and she often adds my blog link to her posts when she feels that something in my post qualifies with the theme she is sharing. Please know that you are welcome anytime on my blog, it would be an honour! Warm greetings from Montreal, Canada. :)


Nice to know they are taking care of those dogs that just aren't cut out to do their live of work!


I love how you always help us think from the view of the dog. You are always so very right. Just like people ---not all dogs want to be all to everything.



I'm not arguing the fact that these dogs need homes, but I wonder how a dog gets to be that old without being housebroken. I can see that they may have failed in specilized TSA training, but most dogs are capable of pooping outside. What's this TSA training all about?

Foley Monster, Pocket and River Song

Thanks for letting us know. I am sure they will find great homes


I think it may be that they were allowed just to use their kennel as a facility and house breaking was not a priority. I can't imagine that they were allowed to just go anywhere when they are on the job though.

Kathe W.

I think we are gone too much for a dog- but I sure hope they all get their furrever homes!

Kevin Cox

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Jodi Stone

I hope they find their forever homes.

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