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what a great idea


I love this! Our Daisy is failing at only nine years old, but she has made me a great fan of dachsies.


This is a wonderful idea. I think I love this more than most posters because my sister's name is Vivian and we've always teased her about having 'big Buggs Funny feet," now here comes a Dachshund.

No, I won't be sharing this with my sister because I like family harmony. It will be our secret.

Mitch Boyer + Vivian the Dog

Thanks for sharing Pam!

Jan K

What a fun idea! Our beagle Cricket at 22 lbs also thinks she's a big dog. She always starts out bigger than new puppies that join the household, but doesn't really seem to notice when they've gotten so much bigger than her!


I love these photos! What a clever and great idea!


Jodi Stone

I had only seen the top one, I love how he's done this and hopefully his book will help the children.

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