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great story, i bet it happened in just that way.




Very well done! I would not be surprised if it didn't happen just that way!!


Comedy Plus

I'm sure this is spot on.

We're home and unpacked. It's good to be home.

Have a fabulous day Jan. ☺

Foley Monster, Pocket and River Song

We like your version much more than the official version

Granny Annie

You nailed it. No more wondering from the rest of usl


Whether your take on the poodle hairdo stands up to history or not, one can't argue that the 'do' has done a great disservice to a very smart breed. It was thrust upon them. They didn't ask to look poofy.


I knew that Poodles were hunters but I never knew where the cut originated from! This sounds perfect!

retro rover

Great post. Poodles are amazing dogs. I'll never be without one

Jodi Stone

I had no idea their origins were in hunting.

I can however see a man manipulating his wife to liking his dog. ;-)

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