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I don't know whether to rejoice or cry. What about the cats? What about the human babies?

Comedy Plus

They are doing a wonderful thing here. I read about this the other day.

Have a fabulous day Jan. ☺


Like Cube there are others who are also in need---cats, children...BUT OH WHAT A JOY for these dogs!




What a fantastic place. I hope the exposure helps them get some dogs adopted.


one step at a time...this is wonderful.


Looks like a dream tourist destination for me! (Spaying and neutering is a good idea too)

Granny Annie

I am blessed that my dog Slim refused to allow other dogs on our property. If she did not, my place would look like Costa Rica:-)

Jackie Bouchard

I want to go to there!

Retro Rover


M. K. Clinton

We can learn so much from how countries treat their animals.

Angie Q.

I have visited Costa Rica many times. They have numerous programs related to biological and environmental problems. I remember going to a Sanctuary for sloths in a near by beach- it was privately funded as well. It is neat that there is a safe haven for dogs. I do wonder about the cats? From experience and numerous travels to Latin America, I see stray dogs everywhere and it makes me sad that there are people see or treat them as rodents- not paying attention to their basic needs and rights. From my experience, there are people that do not see dogs as pets or companions. They are baffled at the fact that my three pups get the same treatment as I do. They are able to roam freely in my house. They sleep, eat, drink, and play comfortably in our home. I hope that sanctuaries like this one in Costa Rica can help change the culture on how people view and treat animals. I know humans in countries like Costa Rica and everywhere else in the world suffer from poverty, funding, government corruption, and human rights violations—but we cannot forget about the animals. They also need our assistance just as much as any other living and nonliving organism in this world.

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