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Poor soul.

Retro Rover

what a tragic but fascinating story. the devotion of dogs is so amazing

Monika & Sam

Yipes, talk about a tradgedy! Thanks for shedding a light on the history for Mary, Queen of the Scots.


What a sad person. She made many silly errors, and the worst was thinking Elizabeth would protect her.



At least the poor thing had her loving dogs.


not so good to be Queen in waiting.


Not a very fun life! What would she have done for companionship without her beloved dogs?

Foley Monster, Pocket and River Song

I am fascinated with England during this period. This is one story I had not heard. At the end of the day no matter our differences we all share the love of dogs.

Granny Annie

Sad story but she was a mean old gal. Wasn't she also known as Bloody Mary? Anyway I am a descendant of the MacGregor Clan from Ireland and Queen Mary of Scots commanded that if a gathering of four or more MacGregors was found they were all to be put to death.



Bloody Mary was Mary I who ruled for 5 years before Elizabeth. Elizabeth was her younger half sister. Both were daughters of Henry VIII


It is too bad that we don't teach history anymore. It is also touching that the dog was that devoted.

LeeAnna Paylor

dogs are so theraputic.


I read Mary Queen of Scots with my mom as a child, but I don't remember any of this story!


Some incidents are best omitted from children's books.


Dear Lord, as much as I'm disturbed by what is going on in today's world, I'm so glad the days that Mary went through have passed. What a sad life she had, no wonder she loved her dogs.


I wonder whatever happened to the dog after that? The dog was washed then what? What happened to the dogs once their owner died or executed?

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