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that is so interesting...both bill and nate when they wanted loving would just belly up for me to rub them


Children cant read these signs and that is why they get bitten more and adults think the close contact is so cute.


It's appalling how many allow small children to corner an actually terrified pet and think it's "adorable".

Jackie Bouchard

Yeah... I know Rita is not a fan of my hugging her (I don't really "hug" her, but I smother her with the lovin' every once in a while). She endures it. I suppose I could stop..... but we'll see. Anyway, I'm the only one. I don't let anybody else - and certainly no kids - to hug her.

Foley Monster, Pocket and River Song

But they are just so darn huggable


So many dog lovers make this mistake. We met a man in Charleston who went running up to give Honey a milk bone and a big hug (which she didn't care for but is too polite to say something).

Interestingly, the man had a big scab on his nose. Apparently he did the same thing o a malamute earlier in the week and got bitten for his trouble.

Off to share.


I've had that happen here...people feel they know (knew) Fuzzy and Boomer because of my blog. If they met Boomer he was all tailwags and happy licks, but Fuzzy not so much. Those poor souls were stunned that my wonderful Fuzzy dog didn't want a pet.


Retro Rover

well I guess but I do think people hug and a occasional hug is ok. I truly think that Fry and Tuvok dont mind they are both very cuddly dogs. Tuvok never ever wants to be put down. I agree overall though hugs arent dogs thing


These types of pictures anger me. Mostly because I know that yes, there are some dogs that don't mind being hugged. Sampson is one of them, but what makes me made is that people share then and then some yahoo decides that their dog will 'like' it too. But that isn't the case and then it is the innocent ones (either the child or the dog or both) who end up paying the price for the stupidity of the 'adults'.

Comedy Plus

Often folks don't know if dogs like or don't like being hugged. It pays to really pay attention. Our little Bit loved to have tummy loves, but hugging wasn't something she cared for. So we didn't hug her.


I think it totally depends on the dog and/or it's upbringing. We lost our Doberman, Maxine, in March -Monday will be one month since her passing- and she loved hugs. My daughter even taught Maxine to give hugs where she'd wrap her long legs around you and rest her head. She was the most loving dog we've ever had. You have to gauge your own dog's nature and respond accordingly.

LeeAnna Paylor

cole does not like hugs, but he seems to enjoy a side hug. He sidles up next to me, and I wrap my arm around him for a second. He also likes a head bump hug, walks straight forward til his bent head hits my legs and stands still til I rub his head. He does not like to feel trapped, and I am afraid people hugs make a dog feel trapped. LeeAnna

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