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Several new toys...many new toys...I sure could go for that! Could I ever! Boomer



That's quite a topic. When we rescued our Doberman, Maxine, she came with a stuffed toy Flea. She loved this toy so much that it was destroyed with love after a short while so we bought her another Flea and then another.

Our German Shepherd used to take away Flea at every opportunity only if Maxine was playing with it.

My daughter was saddened with Maxine's recent passing, but it didn't help that she had bought a brand new Flea for her that she never got to give to her.

M. K. Clinton

I alternate from the bottom of the boys' toy box and they love finding toys they had forgotten about.

Granny Annie

Now I am feeling very guilty. Slim has a rope toy that has lasted almost ten years and yes, it is very shredded. She also has many tennis balls and a new tennis ball is about her only present. I did try to give her a new rope and so far she has ignored it totally. Which of us is weird... me or Slim?


Nate my 110 pound pitty bulldog..liked those 4 ft long bones ...he would sit down and chew on it till it was gone..stopping only to pee/poop and drink some water.

The Daily Pip

I like the idea of alternating toys to keep things fun and interesting for dogs.


Mack fits this description perfectly! He loves new stuff, hoards old stuff, and likes to get food out of Kongs and milking machine inflations (the poor farmer's version of one). He tenderly nurses tiny dollar store toys and then pulls all the hair off the expensive ones people sent to Mike back in the day. We rotate already, but I am going to try the grass/dirt/spray thing. And this is a farm...should I get really creative....nah, better not. lol

LeeAnna Paylor

Cole likes one ball. One raggedy, chewed up, repeatedly repaired fleece ball going on it's hundredth squeaker replacement.
The toy box full of rejects remains untouched.

J. Stone

We do have a few toys that have 'made it', but most of them, especially the stuffies, are destroyed almost immediately.

We have some that are partially destroyed and at some point will be fully. Thanks for explaining WHY they do this!

Dennis the Vizsla

hello jan its dennis the vizsla dog hay i prefer the wuns with lots of delishus stuffing i kan reemov!!! ha ha ok bye

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