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Boomer would NOT go with anyone but me. He falls apart if I get out of his site. Although, he will visit the dog cousins, if I'm close by somewhere.



I could see how shelter dogs could benefit from being borrowed for a while, but I couldn't see myself loaning out my own dog. That seems kind of weird to me.

J. Stone

I don't trust my dogs with people I KNOW, never mind turning them over to a stranger. :-)

I think I'm in the wrong field, maybe I need to invent an app.

Foley Monster, Pocket and River Song

I would never let a person I don't know take my dog. This whole scheme bothers me a great deal. Not my tempo


I agree with someone who posted earlier, I think this might be a good idea for shelter dogs. I just couldn't see myself lending my dog to a stranger.


I probably wouldn't use the service to loan out any of my pets, but I can see circumstances where it would be convenient as a borrower. I can't commit to a dog right now because of my work schedule, so it would be neat to be able to have one for a day or two when I have some extra time.

M. K. Clinton

We almost reported on this last week on the BFTB News. I would never do it so I didn't think Bentley could be unbiased in his reporting. LOL!


just go to a shelter and walk a dog or dogs, pet some cats, clean some cages...take food and money for the shelter..sigh*

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