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I've seen how our animals pick up on anxiety in their human pack, but I've also noticed that some dogs and cats just don't get along with others. We dogsat our niece pit bull, Pumpkin, for years with no problems at all. In fact, our German Shepherd and Pumkin played together in our big yard and ran around the pool enclosure with abandon. They tired themselves out playing all day.

No sooner did we introduce Maxine, the Doberman, into the mix, there were problems. Pumpkin didn't like her and we had to stop dogsitting for her.

To be fair to Pumpking, Maxine is so high strung, that she drives everybody crazy with her antics. She was a rescue dog that spent all day and evening in a crate as a puppy so we understand her dilemma.


Yes, we sure do pick up on human emotions!


Dogs, just like humans react to stress. Considering how 'proper' the monarchy tries to be, I'm not surprised that the Corgis acted out. But I do love the Queen for loving her dogs so.


There is something just 'really nice' about the Queen. I always love seeing her smiling face. And the fact she loves dogs is wonderful!


Jackie Bouchard

Interesting. I had heard about the potential tripping hazard of the corgis but hadn't heard about the troubles in the ranks!

Foley Monster, Pocket and River Song

England would be England again if they gave the power to the Corgis

M. K. Clinton

I was growling over the horrid way Prince Charles treated Princess Diana at that same time! BOL! I'm sure the pups were on the Princess's side too. ♥

Granny Annie

Who knew? Thanks for sharing that story. My death will come by cats. When I go out to feed my barn cats in the morning they twist in and out of my legs not knowing they could kill the golden goose if they trip her.


Dexter could care less about family confrontations..he just licks his ass and goes about his business...


I thought this might be about Princess Anne's dog attacking one of the queen's corgis. And didn't one of the corgi's also seriously injure Princess Beatrice's dog?

I think these poor pups are acting out all kinds of internal family stress.

Mike Webster

For no morally sound reason whatsoever, I find myself suddenly imagining a New York Post headline writer spinning that last bit about limiting canine access in the palace to reduce the stumbling hazard: PUPPIES THREATEN AGING MONARCH.

Mary Nielsen

I'm really a huge fan of Corgis myself, mainly because they're the breed of the Queen's dogs and they look extremely adorable on their own. It's quite alarming to know that dogs are also sensitive to the family's experiences. Now I know that perhaps even small fights within the family members could cause them to fight with each other, my family should be very careful about that. And also, having wonderful dogs in the family helps a lot in our communication and closeness within each family member.

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