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Woah, woah, woah... now I'm going to use the word 'Dash" every single time I can. It's up there with bacon now.

Retro Rover

Oh my that sounds like an overreaction for sure

Granny Annie

I wonder what "Slim" means? I would hate to have a terrorist doggie. Never have I ever heard such a thing...banks actually looking at our checks.


Hmm, we didn't know anyone read those lines either. Wonder what they'd make of "Buddy:. Barking Under Damn Davenport Yesterday would be good. Except Buddy is, of course, one of the Funny Farmers.

Foley Monster, Pocket and River Song

I wonder how Lord Grantham paid the man who walked Isis?


I think I'm going to approach the word DASH like CUBE!! DASH!


M. K. Clinton

Wow! That is really incredible. I always write happy birthday and things like that on the memo line. I laughed at your examples. LOL!

LeeAnna Paylor

what's the chance of that! Poor guy


dash away blitzen dash away comet, dash away dash away all..


Jackie Bouchard

When we lived in Bermuda, we had a theory that they never ever looked at anything on the checks. Some friends of mine tested it by once each signing the check of the person to their left when they split the bill for dinner. All the checks cleared. (This was of course long ago when folks still wrote checks for everything...) Surprised the bank looked that closely. Crazy.


Oh my gosh. How silly. That is a good one! Good story for the dog walker too, I guess.

J. Stone

One would think the bank would contact the writer of the check, but that would be too simple wouldn't it?



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