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If I didn't have two big dogs and six cats, I'd adopt one myself. My next dog will be a Chihuahua and I don't care if my big husband objects. He'll have to get over his childhood trauma over Chihuahuas and learn to love her.


chihuahuas roaming and terrorizing people..cracked me up

Retro Rover

ugh those poor dogs! I love chis

retro rover


Maybe it's humorous to think of roving packs of chihuahuas. But it's still scarier than a roving pack of golden retrievers. :)


I'm glad he saw her and didn't drive off. If he had the story would have been much different!


Foley Monster, Pocket and River Song

Now that is the best way to escape the police


haha that must have been one of the noisiest neighborhoods on Earth!

But it would have been great to be terrorized by chihuahuas!

M. K. Clinton

There is not much scarier than a renegade gang of Chihuahuas! I am so glad that the Iditarod killer was arrested.


You are all laughing about roving packs of chihuahuas, but my husband and his family were tormented by just a pack of four that lived next door when he was a boy. Seriously.


She must have high taste if she turned down a hot dog. Either that or she's never had a hot dog. LOL

I hope she finds a home.

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