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Solar power, global warming, and unicorns...


Frying birds and blinding pilots is a very bad thing! Bad.


Retro Rover

i hope they find a safer way


Some things work and some don't. Sounds like this doesn't. Birds burst into flames? Now that is scary!


Ivan-my money back. Against my advice, my husband listened to his dad and invested money in solar energy way back then . I told him and my father in law that it was a stupid investment, but they didn't listen. And it still sucks.


gotta be a better way

Foley Monster, Pocket and River Song

What do they do when they shut it down? Put a large back sheet over it?

M. K. Clinton

Wow! How can we wonder why we are so in debt as a nation? Stupidity rules this country some days.


I just don't understand the things this country spends money on.

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