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My dog is a whirling dervish, he turns about 10 times or more even when he is on my bed.


We find deer beds stomped down in the grass up in the field all the time. Wonder if they turn around.....I don't think so though. Not as smart as dogs.


My two dogs just plop down wherever it's most inconvenient for the humans in the house to get around them. But if Maxine, the Doberman, hears the words "going outside", she proceeds to twirl three times without fail. I always thought it was just exuberance on her part.


More like that guy. Although, Fuzzy would turn in circles!


retro rover

Thats very interesting. Fry and Weasley always circle and Tuvok often sort of digs like he is making a nest. Our dear departed Norbert always just plopped down


I think the smaller the dog the more times he turns..don't ask me why I think that..

Talent Hounds

Kilo the Pug sometimes circles to dig snuggly into a rug on the couch and nestle into his bed. He also circles before pooping.


Previous dog would circle three times clockwise. If she still didn't feel comfy, she would circle three times counterclockwise. Present dog rarely circles unless she is eager to go outside.


Retro rover: Tuvok? I love that name.

M. K. Clinton

Neither of my boys turn around before laying down. THey just crash out. I always loved the joke that said it was because they are watch dogs and they must wind themselves. BOL!

Mary Nielsen

I rarely notice our dog turning before lying down whether the surface is smooth (on the floor) or uneven (on the bed with the pillows). Maybe because she's too lazy to make a turn before actually lying down. She's actually a fat dog. And I think that's probably why she loves to lie down as soon as she can. Are there any other experiments relating this issue? If so, I'd love to hear them!

And thanks so much for the info!


Cooper is the most dramatic nest builder! He will twirl in circles, kick at pillows, knead blankets... and about a third of the time, he ends up huffing and walking away to try another bed!


My dogs DO turn. They also 'dig' at the surface, sometimes tearing up the blanket/dog bed/mattress. Sigh.

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