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M. K. Clinton

There is no reason for a couple to be THAT gorgeous! BOL! That is one lucky dog.

Foley Monster, Pocket and River Song

My nephew did yard work at his house when one of his other dogs got loose and they had to chase it around the neighborhood. Glad he has a better hold of this one

Retro rover

That is cute


It's cute, but how does the beagle feel about being usurped by the adorable Fluffy.


I don't know..that dude can rescue dogs cats birds and old lady's and I still won't like him.


I had to laugh at Yellowdoggranny's comments!


Granny Annie

That is too great. Loved it.

Dogs N Pawz

That is great! We like Tom Brady and love the fact that he adopts!


As a fellow UofM grad, salute you Tom Brady! thanks for giving Fluffy a home!


What a cute puppy, I love how supportive of rescue he is.

Mike Webster

So Tom Brady casts his new dog as Simba in The Lion King. I wonder what all the cats think.

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